African American History Month Lecture, Feb. 21

Dr. Tera W. Hunter is the featured speaker for the 9th annual African American History Month Lecture at UNC-Chapel Hill.  A scholar of African-American women’s and gender history, Hunter is the author of To ‘Joy My Freedom, an imaginative social history of domestic workers in Atlanta and other southern cities at the turn-of-the-twentieth century.  More recently, she has turned her attention to marriage and family among African Americans in the 19th century.  Hunter’s upcoming lecture, which draws on her newer research, is entitled “Bound As Fast In Wedlock As A Slave Can Be”: African-American Marriage, Slavery, and Freedom.” The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, 21 February in the Pleasants Family Assembly Room at Wilson Library.  Additional details will be made available.  For now though, please mark your calendars for 21 February.